6 Critical Questions To Capture and Record Amazing, Money-Making Case Studies! [video]

Now I want you to envision asking somebody these questions as you literally just hold up your phone and have them speak directly into the camera. This is all you need to get amazing testimonials with your phone or through Zoom. 

Now, here’s the cool thing. Asking these questions in this order automatically creates a cool little story that works great as a case study AND automatically creates a hero’s journey story at the same time!

This is how to get a great case study on your phone or Zoom just talking to somebody and asking them questions. 

If you want to learn more about how case studies can increase your sales, check out this video from earlier this week: https://bit.ly/3HSxQAD

By the way, if you would like to know a whole lot more detail about how to tell amazing stories to get more sales – including telling better case studies – head on over to SalesStoryMasterclass.com and you can spend an entire afternoon with me LIVE for free, learning how to 2X, 5X… even 10X your sales in an afternoon by telling better stories. I’ll see you there.

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