A profitable NON-SEXY topic…

And that topic is…

Editing and polishing headlines. (See, I told you it wasn’t sexy.)

BUT! It’s probably one of the most profitable things you can ever do.

Usually, there are two BIG reasons why your headlines aren’t working.

  1. You’re too wordy.
  2. You talk about what your product or service is instead of what it does for people.

Step 1 – Don’t Be Wordy

When you first put your headline together, the objective is to get your first draft done as fast as you can. That way, you have something to work with. 

But, making that headline great is kind of like sculpting. For example, in the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina, there are these guys that will carve wood with a chainsaw. They take this big lump of wood, and they take a chainsaw and cut it down to get this giant rough sculpture.

Then, they take a smaller chainsaw and smaller tools and whittle away at the wood to make it look cool.

Lastly, they throw some varnish on it and sell it to tourists on the side of the road.

I’m not saying you have to only do headlines of 5 words or less, because that’s BS, but you DO need to say it succinctly, smoothly, and well.

If you want your headline to make you money, you need to whittle away at everything that isn’t the headline, such as:

  1. Extra words;
  2. Extra phrases;
  3. Words with unexpected double meanings;
  4. Using five or six words for an idea that only needs one or two words.

That’s the first step to polishing.

Step 2 – Focus On What It Does

The second step in taking your headline and making it great is to make sure that you are talking about what it does for people, not what it is.

A good example of this is chatbots.

A lousy headline would be:

“How to set up a chatbot and get more leads from Facebook.”

This headline focuses on how the chatbot works and what it is.

An excellent headline would be:

“How to automate your marketing and get an avalanche of targeted leads from Facebook…No matter what you sell.”

This headline focuses on how the chatbot can help you in your business. I would bet that this second headline would outperform the first one every time.


Because NOBODY wants to buy a chatbot, but EVERYBODY wants to automate their Facebook marketing.


There are two things you have to do to make your headlines great.

  1. Remove any words or phrases that are not absolutely necessary
  2. Focus on what your product does for your customers

They’re not sexy. They’re not exciting. They’re not fun to do, but…

BUT! This is where the money gets made. 

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