Are You Forcing It?

Let me tell you a quick story…

I remember spending several months updating Funnel Scripts to its new version while we were getting ready for the re-release. The problem was that this time around, the updates and changes were so big, it took much longer than I had originally thought.

For example, we had to redo all 51 of the instructional videos. Then one week I said, 

“Okay, I’ve done 10 videos a day before. I’m going to do all 51 videos in five days.”

And I was just going to get it done.

Forcing It

What I didn’t take into consideration was all the time it was going to take me to update all the DOCX files that went with the videos. Beyond that, we were adding PPTX files to many of the scripts which took a lot longer than I thought. It was a TON of work.

That’s when I started “forcing it.”

Luckily, I was aware and realized that if I kept on forcing it, I was going to miss stuff and I wasn’t going to give my best effort.

Now, I’m all for working hard, setting deadlines, and making stuff happen. 

But if you start forcing it, then you’re just doing it for the sake of doing it and you will most likely get crappy results. If you’re forcing it, a lot of times that’s your brain is sending you a message that either you’re too tired, you don’t have the right prep work done, or something you can’t put your finger on is just wrong.

STOP Forcing It

I decided to do the best I could in the situation and make sure that everything I was doing was done to the best of my ability. One day, when I was tired from doing 10 videos and all the prep work, instead of forcing it, I said, 

“Dang, this is just getting to be too much. I still have 10 hours of work left. Time to take a step back and take the day off.”

I got back on it the next morning around 5:30 and the stuff that was going to take me 10 hours to complete the day before, I got done in two hours the next day. 


Because I came at it fresh, instead of trying to force it just to get it done.

The Moral

There’s a difference between “gutting it out” and “forcing it.” When you’re hard at work and trying to really bear down and get stuff done, ask yourself…

“Am I forcing it?”

Don’t ever force it.

That’s not to say you never work your butt off and go all out, but be mindful of what’s going on like I was with the Funnel Scripts update.

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  • Melanie Bourbeau

    Reply Reply April 23, 2020

    Awesome reminder. Thanks for all you do Jim.

  • Lisa Frattali

    Reply Reply April 23, 2020

    Hi Jim, I’m a funnel script customer, bought your recent book. Thanks for sending me the invitation to Kary Oberrunner’s Master Class. I wrote a book last summer , then an ebook too . They aren’t helping anyone because well you know why. I just signed up with Kary to do my book. I also like your article , the rules never change. Haven’t read your book yet , but I will when I finish the ones I’m reading now. Thanks for all you do. Lisa Frattali

    • Jim

      Reply Reply April 24, 2020

      Thank you 🙂

  • Paul Tauterouff

    Reply Reply April 30, 2020

    Great stuff as Always Jim. Thank you!

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