Can You Use the Hook-Story-Offer Script to Sell High Ticket? 

The Hook, Story, Offer Script in Funnel Scripts is COOL.

People are getting amazing results with it, and they’re excited!

They can’t wait for a new script to come out!


Anytime we come out with a new script, people are like: 

Hey! Can I use it for X?” 


“Can I use this for Y?”

High Ticket Vs. Low Ticket Psychology

The answer is: MAYBE.

 I designed the Hook-Story-Offer script for things under $100. 


Because when someone buys a $97 software program, there are objections, concerns, false beliefs, and obstacles at the moment of purchase. You need to overcome those objections for the person to buy.

But, when somebody buys a $5,000 coaching program, everything is magnified. There’s a whole different level of anxiety, caution, risk-analysis, and concern. 

Often – but not always – you need more copy, longer scripts, longer videos, and just more space to address all of the worries, questions, doubts, and concerns.

But let’s look at this a little differently.

Your Job Is To Plug Those Holes!

Selling something for $97 is relatively easy because there are fewer objections to overcome, but you still HAVE TO overcome them.

With a $5,000 program, you often have a LOT more objections to overcome one step at a time. 

They will ask:

Is this really going to work? 

Did this work for other people? 

Why are you selling this? 

Why are you teaching this instead of just doing it for yourself?

These are all “holes” that need to be filled.

The Big Idea

The takeaway here is that the Hook-Story-Offer script works great by itself for products under $100.


If you’re going to sell a $5,000 product with it, you will have to add some sections.

That means you’re probably going to have to:

  • Add testimonials
  • Share proof
  • Offer a really good guarantee
  • Figure out more of your customer’s objections, and…
  • Overcome those objections

You’ll have to make it work FOR you!

And, as always, you just simply have to test the script to see if it will work for you in any particular situation!

That means you’ll have to think about what you’re asking somebody to do and what information is necessary to get them to take action.


When you’re asking somebody for $5,000, it’s a lot different than asking for $100.

You’re going to have to overcome more objections and address different angles at $5,000. 

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