Change is inevitable… How do you turn it to your advantage? [VIDEO]

What’s working today may or may not work tomorrow. The product you have that’s making you all your money today probably won’t be selling sometime down the road. You have to be prepared with your next step… 

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  • rae

    Reply Reply September 27, 2019

    hi jim…
    want to thank you for your consistent efforts over the years..there is always a nugget or more in your emails..vids etc.
    you are a great role model

  • I remember making my first video on a HI8 camcorder and having to figure out how to download the footage and get it online. But my first video got 20,000 views so it was more than worth it! Now it’s so much easier, there’s really no excuse to not be capitalizing on it. Thanks for the words of wisdom and encouragement!

  • Karen

    Reply Reply September 27, 2019

    Great advice. Thank you for reminding us that “change is inevitable.”

    I left the corporate world as a systems analyst (computers/ software) to teach mathematics to secondary students. Now, I am trying to complete some of my old projects (designing my own website), and writing e-books. Things have changed.

    It is important to stay abreast and be able to change with the times.

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