Death By A Thousand Cuts

A while ago, I did a video with a friend of mine.

We were discussing distractions and how they add up over time.

Let’s say you got distracted 12 times a day for five minutes each time. That’s a full hour every single day!

You’ll end up wasting 365 hours a year!

Conservatively, that’s more than 3 weeks of 8-hour days you could’ve used to make your life better… if you’d only avoided getting distracted!

Of course, you might say, “It doesn’t REALLY add up like that.”

Yes, it does because, well…math!

When you get distracted…

When you lose focus…

When you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do…

It’s the proverbial “death by a thousand cuts.”

And it’s something HUGE you shouldn’t ignore!

We Don’t Fail All At Once! We Fail A Little Bit At A Time!

Failure happens over time!

So does success.

The important thing here is to stay focused as much and as long as possible.

Remember to:

  • Stay focused
  • Stay on target
  • Stay vigilant about the time you’re spending on “stuff”

Distractions like TV, email, social media, and YouTube rob you of your future because they devour the time you could otherwise devote to creating success in your life.

How Do I Avoid Distractions?

I’ve got a BIG TIP to avoid distractions!

I keep myself on track by “checking in” all the time.

At least once an hour, I ask myself:

  • Hey, what am I doing right now?
  • What am I SUPPOSED to be doing right now?
  • What’s the list of stuff I’m supposed to get done today?
  • Am I getting distracted by stuff that’s more important or less important that what I SHOULD be working on?

This “checking in” is a fast, down-and-dirty type of time management that works in the real world.

Really, it’s more like “focus management” where I’m using the top of every hour on the clock as the tool to control my focus.

Remember: you won’t succeed at it all at once.

It takes time and practice, but gradually, you WILL succeed.

The Takeaway

Distractions are death by a thousand cuts, and it’s our responsibility to avoid distractions and remain on track.

All the little distractions adding up are what rob you of success.

But it’s also the little choices to avoid distraction and maintain productivity that create your future success.

My PRO tip is to “check in” on your work and time spend hourly.

Tracking your activities helps you avoid distractions.

By the way, my Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Facebook group is a great place for accountability and support for time management. Just make sure you join so you can improve your life, not just as another distraction!

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