Does it feel right? [video]

In the past, when I have done projects with folks that I really liked or have really admired what they were doing, things always seem to work out. Times when I’ve created something that was really going to make a huge difference in the world and help people the results have been mind blowing. These are the times it just felt right to do what I was doing.

Those are the projects that have “felt right” and the ones that have done extremely well for me in my business and personal life. On the other hand, projects where the initial intention was to just make money typically end up fizzling out pretty quickly. When it feels right and is done for the right reasons it almost always has been a huge success. 

An example of this has been Copywriting Secrets. If you haven’t gotten your free (just pay a small shipping and handling fee) copy yet head on over and get it today.

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