Email Marketing Is Dead… Or Is It?

For as long as I can remember, people have been saying that email marketing is dead. 

The first time email marketing died was really when blogs came out and introduced RSS feeds. 

They said, “Ah, nobody’s gonna want to get email anymore. They’ll just subscribe to updates and your RSS feed will push it through to them.”

Nope. Didn’t happen. 

Everybody invested a bunch of money in blog reader software and it didn’t take off. Everybody was still reading their email.

Next, social media and Facebook would spell the end of email.

Apps. Instagram. Instant messaging.

All of these were supposed to herald the end of email.

But let me ask you a question. Yes or no. Was the first thing you did when you got to work today to check your email?

Or even before you got to work? 

Did you check your email on your phone while sitting on the toilet? 

For the vast majority of people, the first thing they do is they check their email. Why? Because it’s what you do!

So here’s the key.

It’s not that email marketing is dead… it’s just that it’s getting harder to get noticed in people’s email box. Or if you do get noticed, it’s getting harder and harder to get people to read your message. 

By the way, that’s one of the things that we teach you in “Copywriting Secrets” on page 159. I teach you how to write a killer email teaser super fast. We show you what’s the most important part of your email, how to structure an email, and what types of emails typically work best.

But I want to give you a quick tip right now so you don’t look like a dork in your email messages. 

Here’s the key to winning the email marketing game. 

Who do you REALLY want to send email messages to? 

You want to send email to people who want to receive your email!

It doesn’t do you any good to build up a big list of a bunch of people who don’t give a crap about what you’re talking about or what you’re sending them.

You would much rather have a few hundred people who hang on your every word than 10,000 people who don’t even open your messages. 

Who wants that? Buyers!

In short, the best kind of list to build up is a list of buyers! People who have paid money to get something from you, even if it’s 10 bucks. 

Even if it’s $10, a list of targeted people who have bought something is worth way more than a list of people who signed up for something free. 

Don’t believe me? Just look at yourself if you want an example. 

How many free things have you ever signed up for that you never even looked at? Seriously, you put in your name, your fake email, and got the free thing. 

How many webinars have you signed up for that you never attended? 

How many free ebooks have you signed up for that you never read? 

How many free email newsletters have you signed up for that you never even opened? 

In fact, you probably got pissed off that people sent you email and, instead of bothering to just go unsubscribe, you just whacked the spam button inside of Gmail because you had no clue who they were. 

How many of you have the filter set at the top of your Gmail that automatically shoves people over into the social tab or the promotions tab? 

That’s what I do. All the people I know, that’s what they do. 

So how do you make it into the personal email box? It’s really simple. 

You’ve got something people want and they’ve spent money with you. That’s how you make it in over into the inbox. 

Then the game is, how do you stay in? How do you stay in the email inbox? 

Provide value. 

Now, here’s something interesting. How many times have you bought something from somebody and they never followed up? Seriously? How many times have you bought something from somebody, and they never ever followed up? 

It is the biggest sin of people who sell online. They’re constantly chasing the new customer. They’re constantly chasing someone who doesn’t even know who they are yet.

Their entire focus is on trying to bring new people through the door, instead of building a relationship with the people who’ve already bought from you and selling them something else. 

This is why most people who actually do sell something online never make it beyond the lower levels.

It’s because they don’t build a relationship with the people they already have on their buyer list. They’re too busy chasing the people who aren’t. 

So if you want to discover the secrets for how to write incredible email teasers that get opens and get clicks, I’ll show you how to do it. 

Inside my book “Copywriting Secrets” in Secret #18, How To Write Killer Emails Fast on page 159. 

Hey, I’ll even give you a physical copy of the book absolutely FREE when you go to I just asked you to pay a small shipping and handling. 

Remember, the best people to have on your list are buyers. Once you start building that list of buyers, make sure to start building a relationship by sending consistent value. That’s how you can build an amazing business.

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