Experts say “You can’t do that right before Christmas!” [video]

I’m sure you’ve heard several people warn you against launching a product before the holidays, right? From personal experience I can tell you they are wrong! I’ve had a couple of my largest launches right at Christmas now.

In fact, Dean and I just had an amazing launch of Fill My Webinar Scripts yesterday. Thank you to everyone who attended and those that joined! If you missed the founders’ deal we offered, you can still register for the replay below. This offer is good until Monday. 

Register for the replay here:

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  • Adventago

    Reply Reply December 20, 2020

    True Jim most of the time we only hold back ourselves

    We have our own limiting beliefs

    Thank you for the awesome software

    I’ve never run a webinar before but this would definitely come in hands in the future

    Thank you for the great video from your friend Adventago

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