Have you fallen into the Facebook TRAP?

Has Mark Zuckerberg trapped you? Is he limiting your business? 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve watched hordes of people chasing the only way to get traffic.” It’s like watching my little chickens running towards the feed.

I call this the “traffic trap.” Right now, the “traffic trap” is Facebook because almost every day I hear someone say:

“The only place I can advertise is on Facebook.” 

The Reality

I have to tell you there was a time when Facebook didn’t have ads. There was even a time when Facebook didn’t exist.

(I know it’s hard to believe.)

Before Facebook, the “traffic trap” was Google AdWords. Everybody thought the only place to get traffic was Google AdWords.

Before that, it was affiliate programs.

Before that, it was a site called Goto.

Before that, it was search engine optimization.

Calm down everybody. Traffic is bigger than Facebook.

Traffic Sources

There are three main ways to get traffic. You can:

  • Build it;
  • Borrow it;
  • Buy it.

Building traffic and borrowing traffic are essential, but buying traffic is the step you ultimately want to reach because you can get a lot more traffic that way. 

The key here is to realize that Facebook isn’t the only place where you can buy ads.

For example, you can buy ads from:

  • Individual websites;
  • Google AdWords;
  • Twitter;
  • Traffic networks;
  • Solo email providers;

You can buy ads all over the place.

So calm down and get out of the trap.

The Example

I had a really good conversation a while back with a friend of mine and this was exactly the issue. There were a couple of things she was doing right and a couple of things she could do better. The big problem was that she was locked into just Facebook.

How did she fall into the trap?

Because Facebook has made it easy to slap an ad together and get decent results. It’s so easy, in fact, we tend to think it’s the only way. That’s the trap.


The big thing to understand is that there are other ways to advertise and Facebook might not be the best place for you to advertise.

Be open to that.

Don’t fall into the trap.

By the way…

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