How Powerful Is Your Mastermind Group?

Let’s talk about masterminds.

I’m a member of several different mastermind groups:

  • One meets every single day
  • One meets once every week
  • One meets once a month

That might sound like a lot of meetings that leave me starved for time, but these groups actually help me get more stuff done!

Daily Mastermind Group

In this group, I get together with my team, and we brainstorm for 15 minutes at 10:30 in the morning. We mastermind what we’re going to do today, specifically for content and content marketing.

Weekly Mastermind Group

This group that meets every week is for accountability purposes.

I get together with two successful professionals and we discuss our businesses for 20 minutes each.

We talk about what actions to take based on our current goals.

Monthly Mastermind Group

In the group that meets once a month, there are three of us.

We take turns making a presentation of what we’re doing in our business.

We also share insights about what the other two can take away from what we teach them.

Mastermind Groups Keeps You Action-Oriented 

Being in a mastermind group can take less than an hour a week, but I feel like this is the most powerful and productive time of my week.

It’s totally focused.

And what I’ve found is that these mastermind groups prevent me from being lazy. I have to stay on top of my game or I’ll get kicked out of the group!

By the way, a mastermind group doesn’t have to cost anything. It’s all about getting together with the people you can support and who can support you in your work.


A mastermind group is your ally in keeping your mind and your actions on the right track.

I believe it can help keep you focused on your goals consistently.

The main advantage?  It can give you a new, fresh perspective on what you’re trying to achieve.

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