How To Address Different Genders Simultaneously In Sales Copy

When creating sales copy to address different genders, you should focus on three things:

  1. Being sensitive
  2. Being authentic
  3. Being frank

Be Sensitive…

To address different genders at the same time, you must be sensitive. For complicated reasons beyond the scope of this article, some words will “trigger” people and offend them. You should try to avoid those, but you don’t have to be so careful that you hamstring yourself and can’t communicate.

Be Authentic…

Good content won’t get ignored by your audience!

No one providing authentic, sincere information will get “canceled.” So, I strongly suggest avoiding concentrating too much on using just the right words or pronouns. You need to provide valuable content your audience can use to learn or solve a problem. 

And Be Frank…

Even if you’re sensitive to your audience and providing high-quality content, some people are just looking for a reason to make a fuss. Be kind. Be honest. 

When someone isn’t reasonable, the best thing you can do is to remove them from your list.


If you’re trying to address different genders simultaneously in your sales copy, you should know there is no standard formula for it. (It’s not like you can say, “only males should read this.”)

Instead, concentrate on making your copy work for everyone:

  1. Use Sensitivity
  2. Use Authenticity
  3. Use Frankness

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  • Brian Horvath

    Reply Reply February 12, 2021

    Thanks, Jim, for another practical guide on how to best serve my clients, customers, and overall audience.

    • Adventago

      Reply Reply February 19, 2021

      I know right!

      It’s like Jim has a way to read our minds and always produces content that we need at the exact time 🙂

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