I Wish I Knew This About Paid Ads When I Got Started!

When I first got started selling my books and courses online, there was this BIG secret I had to discover on my own!

It’s something most people never learn!

What’s that BIG secret?

It’s testing your ads.

“But wait! Isn’t buying ads kinda like playing a slot machine?”

Well, if you don’t pay attention to your results, then yes… it’s actually worse than gambling!

But here’s the key…

Testing ads is an investment, not a gamble!

Most people think running ads is like a slot machine. You pull the lever and “hope” you get more money back out than you put in.

And if you feel like that, then you’re doing it wrong.

You can look at it one of two ways:

#1 The Smart Approach (Testing Ads)

The first school of thought goes like this:

I’m going to put in $100 worth of ads, and we’re going to see what happens. Once we see what happens, we’ll run another ad and see if we can improve our results.

This is a smart approach!

It’s all about testing to see what works for your offer!

It’s thinking about the ad as an investment that will return insight and knowledge along with, hopefully, profit.

#2 The Stressed Out Approach (Running Ads)

The other approach goes like this:

I’ve got $100 to run this ad and if it doesn’t work, I’ve lost my money!

In this situation, you’ll get all stressed out about the results because you’re thinking about an ad as a gamble!

A winner or a loser and nothing in between.

In the beginning, I fell into the latter category!

I was scared because I was looking at running ads like it was a gamble.

Then I made a subtle shift in my thinking that made everything change.

Running” ads IS a gamble.


“Testing” ads is NOT a gamble…

Testing ads is the single most powerful marketing technique available to you.


Because it enables you to scale your business by leveraging incremental improvements over time.

The Takeaway

Treat every ad as an investment in your business. 

IF you’re testing ads, you’re not wasting money. 

It’s not a gamble if you LEARN from every ad. 

Those test results are some of the most valuable information you’ll ever uncover in your business.

If you really want to make more sales, get more subscribers, and create a business that lasts, change your mindset about paid ads.

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You’ll be glad you did. 

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– Dy Witt

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