If I only had 27 minutes… [video]

I had a friend ask me, “hey, if you were stuck for time and only had 30 minutes to work on your business each day, what would you do?” I thought that was a great question. But first, I’d make it more compelling. If I only had 27 minutes, because 27 minutes actually increases the Curiosity factor. The first thing I would do is make some content…

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  • Adventago

    Reply Reply January 12, 2021

    Hey, Jim, I love your videos, however.

    It seems that your titles are lacking rich keywords

    What I mean by this is that you should title your videos so they can come up in the Google and Youtube search engine

    Herer’s an example:

    If I only had 27 minutes…

    Compared to

    How to master time management and get more done in less time

    As you can see the second one has the keyword time management which could help you gain a bigger audience and rank for more words

    Just thought I would help out a bit

    Great video tho from your friend Adventago 🙂

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