If you want INSTANT inspiration, do this!

What is inspiration to me?

Well, it’s basically an internal feeling of excitement.

It’s like energy mixed with enthusiasm, hope, and expectation.

Inspiration is a fantastic emotionally super-charged battery that gives you the juice to get into action.

That’s one of the reasons we all love to feel inspired.

When things aren’t going great, inspiration will keep us going forward.

It’s a fact that all sorts of weird stuff is happening in the world.

All that crazy stuff can distract you and even kill your inspiration (if you let it).

If you want inspiration or need to protect yourself from all the ‘crazy’ outside…  

Here’s a little tip.

If You Want To Be Inspired, Inspire Somebody Else!

Inspiration comes from within… but it’s often triggered by something external.

When you’re consciously trying to inspire someone else, it creates inspiration within you.

I know it seems kind of tricky, but it WORKS!

You need to remember that you can inspire somebody with:

  • Your words
  • Your actions or deeds
  • Your attitude
  • Kindness
  • Referral
  • Quote

There are all kinds of different ways that you can inspire other people.


The best thing about inspiring someone else is that inspiration will also grow within you!

So, I encourage you to inspire somebody today.

Be worthy of inspiring others!

There is no specific way to do it, but you’ll recognize inspiration when you see it.

When you’re feeling down…

When you feel like the world is against you…

Inspiring others takes you out of yourself!

It will help your mind focus on something else… and that shift in focus alone can act as the trigger for your own internal inspiration.

The Takeaway

Inspiration is AWESOME because it happens within you!

If you want INSTANT inspiration, inspire someone else.

It’s as simple as that!

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