In The Midst of Struggle…

I was flat on my back in my driveway completely winded.

I was in the middle of my one zillionth sit-up (ok, around 50) and dropped my head on the mat. As I rested my head for a 1/2 second I saw something I never noticed at that particular moment before – the stars.

They’re beautiful.

Even at 5:15 in the morning, the stars are out… and they are beautiful. Breathtaking in fact.

In that instant, it hit me: in the midst of struggle there is still beauty.

No matter how hard you’re working. No matter how much you might struggle. No matter how much thing seem to “be against you” – there is always beauty around you.

A little child’s smile or hug. A flower. A star. The sun through the trees late in the afternoon.

Use those little instances of beauty to help you through the struggle. Let them encourage you. Let them inspire you. Let them help put anything you’re “going through” into proper perspective (and you might see that things aren’t so bad after all).

I’ve been trying to notice the beauty in life a little more lately, or maybe life’s been knocking at the door of my mind a little more often and I’m actually hearing the knock. Either way, noticing these things sure makes everyday life a whole lot nicer (and any burdens a little lighter).

So my challenge to you for this week is to notice at least 5 things that are “beautiful” – at least to you. Once you notice them, take 1-5 seconds to acknowledge them and be thankful for them. Then, if you’d like, let me know how you feel as a result.

I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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