Integrate or Eliminate

What does that mean?

This idea of ‘integrate or eliminate’ came to me during a conference I attend every year.

I was sitting there, listening, paying attention…and a huge thought crossed my mind.

Usually, I have plenty of things going on, and every year I set out these grand goals, yet it seems like I struggle (and fail) to get it all done. What I realized this time was that I need to focus on either integrating or eliminating all the things going on with my business.


All the scripts, videos, articles, products, funnels, writing, traffic, and all the other aspects of my business that I’ve always viewed as separate pieces need to be part of one whole. My idea is that it’s best to integrate all this stuff into a single system or eliminate it.

For example, I manage four different membership websites, and I’ve been planning to improve them. What I’m doing right now is integrating them into an entirely new unified system.

I started with integrating a program I do with one of my partners and merged it together with my main membership site. My idea is that together we are stronger.

It used to operate independently, but because I’m focusing on ‘integrate or eliminate,’ I’m making it stronger and simplifying at the same time.

I’m using ‘integrate or eliminate’ as the major theme that will guide all my business actions going forward. And you should too!

Integrating or eliminating components of your business will get you a better hold on everything. It will help you see whether or not you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. And best of all, this method will guide you towards giving maximum value at all times.

It will also make your future a lot clearer!

So, here’s what I suggest you do:

Realize that using ‘Integrate or eliminate’ is a process. It’s how anyone who wants the best results with their business can get more done with less effort.

This is how to do it:

  1. Assess your business and everything you do;
  2. Get a clear picture of what’s going on;
  3. Look for ways to manage those things together;
  4. Integrate or eliminate (cut dead weight) so you create a coherent whole.

Now is the time for you to implement this into your business. It will help you achieve reliable resultswhile reducing the energy-depleting strain of having “too many irons in the fire.”


If you’d like extra help on how to integrate or eliminate in your online business, join me at Sales Copy and Content Marketing Hacks With Jim Edwards Facebook group. Just click here to request access!

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  • orvel sternberg

    Reply Reply August 12, 2020

    Thanks Jim,
    ALWAYS look forward to reading your “pearls of wisdom”.

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