It’s Okay Not To Be The Expert!

I can tell you from my experience that sometimes it’s MORE than okay to NOT be the expert.

Let me tell you a story from a while ago…

I interviewed an expert named Dave Chesson whom I really admire.

He has this excellent set of skills which allow him to analyze keywords and categories on Amazon like no one else I’ve seen.

He is super methodical in his work.

And I said to myself: This guy is amazing!”

So, I took off my “expert” hat, put on my “student” hat, and I listened to him.

I realized once again that it’s okay not to be the expert all the time (and you shouldn’t feel bad if you’re not the expert either)!

Don’t Let Someone Else’s Expertise Make You Feel Inferior Or As If You’re Lacking In Some Way. 

We’re all different!

We all have special skills!

So, what I want you to do today is celebrate YOUR skills!


Celebrate the skills of others!

Acknowledging others’ greatness doesn’t detract from you; it actually helps you and gives you more credibility in the eyes of others.

When you’re first getting started in anything, you’ll often feel like: Oh! I should know this! Or I should be able to do that!

And then you make yourself feel awful. You might even want to push against people who know more because you’re scared of appearing “less” in the eyes of others.

My advice is simple: never feel bad because you don’t know something!

The only time you should feel bad is when you obviously should know something, but haven’t invested the time and energy to learn it!

The Takeaway

If you’re on your journey of learning and discovery (as we all are), don’t feel threatened by other people who know more than you. 

  • Learn from them;
  • Celebrate them;
  • Network with them;
  • Make friends with them;

Before you know it, they’ll be lifting you up!

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