Less Is More

“Less Is More”
– Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

This quote actually comes from architectural training (who knew?).

The big idea here when it comes to copywriting is most people try to sell in their ads.

This makes their ads extra long and less effective. Why?

Because the purpose of an ad is NOT to sell (unless it’s a direct response ad with a coupon they fill out with payment information).

The purpose of an ad is to move people on to the next step in your sale process with the least resistance possible.

Here’s how this applies to us and ad writing and sales copywriting:
Don’t waste your time creating ads that sell… create ads that get the user to click, call or come into your store.

That’s all they can do!

They can’t buy from the ad, so use the ad to build curiosity and pressure to act rather than forcing them to make a buying decision right there on the spot.

So, let’s put this into action:

1. Take a look at your ads and see if you are “selling”. If you are, STOP!

2. Ask yourself “Does this ad create curiosity or pressure to go to the next step in my sales process?” If “yes” that’s great… keep testing your ads!

3. Focus your attention on the quality of your hook / headline because that’s where 80% of your ad’s success comes from.

4. Write your ads with a “less is more” strategy of keeping your language simple, short and easy to understand (especially when people are busy – which they are)

Oh, and before I forget…

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to know how to put this whole process on steroids, let me invite you to grab a free copy of my book “Copywriting Secrets” at CopywritingSecrets.com. This makes it easy for you to make more sales online for your products and services without spending all your time and money on ad creation.

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  • Adventago

    Reply Reply December 17, 2020

    Guilt as charged!!!

    Thank you for the piece of advice JIM

    I’ve been selling in my ads for a while and I can tell since they sound way too sales like

    However, I’m going to give this a shot and see how it goes

    Great advice

    Have an amazing day from your friend Adventago 🙂

  • Len Kyner

    Reply Reply December 23, 2020

    Less is more, great concept, I really got to incorporate this message, I’m a tech no babble…thanks for all the teachings…Happy Christmas Happy New Year!

  • Kirtis

    Reply Reply December 23, 2020

    Hey Jim,

    Great words of wisdom!

    After going through your copywriting book, I completely changed the way I write my ads, and my results changed as well.

    Ad costs down, CPC down, conversions up, ROI up, and it goes with out saying, the sales are up too.

    After treating ads as a curiosity hook instead of a sales device and letting the sales page do all the selling, I noticed a big difference in my results and started to move more conversions in the right direction.

    Happy Holidays.

    P.S. I only covered shipping and handling on your book and paid a “Face Book Ads Genius” $1997 for pure dribble… and your book blew the Face Books ad course out of the water. My results from your material prove it.

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