Make money with your own book… without being on the BS list… [video]

People think that the only way you can make money with a book is by having a giant list, or you have to make it on to the New York Times bestseller list. That’s just not true…

This 3 minute video packs a wallop. Why?

Because it explains THREE ways you can make money with a book WITHOUT getting on the New York Times Best Seller List… 

P.S. The FIRST module in the workshop that starts on Thursday is going to be “21 Ways To Make Money With A Book… WITHOUT Getting On The New York Times Best Seller List!”

… make sure you show up LIVE for the event… there will be no free replay. 

Register to join us November 5th and 6th at 9am Eastern

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  • Adventago

    Reply Reply November 3, 2020

    Nooo there are 2 things I can’t live with my nice brew of coffee in the morning And Jims amazing letting the chickens out videos 🙂

    Russell Brunson traffic secrets book hit the new york times best selling list I saw the post he made about it on LinkedIn

    I have a book called Skills. Scale. Sustainability.: The Easy To Implement Step By Step System To Your Success As An Entrepreneur

    And I don’t get a lot of money from the sale it’s self however inside the book I have my affiliate link if the person wants to get extra training

    I cant wait to see your workshop I will definitely be there

    Have a great day from, your friend Adventago 🙂

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