Russian Ski Team Secret Helps You Crush Your Competitors

Do you find yourself wondering how to increase your performance?

Or do you ask yourself how you can get better results?

Well, I’ve been there, too!

One of the things that I do that helps me a lot is reading books.

I read a book some time ago that talked about how athletes could increase performance by visualizing something specifically in advance.

It was about Russian skiers who had limited time on the slopes.

Mentally Rehearsing The Whole Run Massively Increased Performance.

They couldn’t go down the slopes twenty times a day because it wasn’t physically possible.

Instead, they increased their “practice time” through visualization.

This mental rehearsal caused dramatic improvement to their performance. 

So, I thought to myself: 

“What if I visualized the work I do every day? Could that improve my performance?

So, I tried it with:

  • Writing sales copy
  • Creating content
  • Doing Facebook Lives

I was impressed by how much I could increase and improve my performance with visualization.

For example, I had to write an email teaser for a piece of software that we’re releasing.

I sat there and visualized myself filling out the Funnel Script to write the email.

This influenced what I typed into the form and how quickly I filled out the form.

Mental Edits?

It works especially well for editing.

I focus on editing sales copy or content and I pause to:

  • Visualize how the page would look when it’s done;
  • How it’s going to look formatted;
  • How it’s going to read.

It’s a form of mental rehearsal for work (instead of sports) that can massively improve performance.

I wanted to share this with you because it may be something you’ve never thought of doing.

Also, some people already mentally rehearse unconsciously in the negative (visualizing poor results which leads to procrastination or a half-hearted effort). 

If that’s you, you can fix it just by taking control of your thoughts and visualizing a positive outcome.

The Takeaway

I want you to visualize your task from start to finish BEFORE you do it.

Make sure you see yourself having a fantastic and profitable result.

Mental rehearsal is your inner secret weapon to achieve impressive results in less time.

You should allow some time every day to visualize your road to success!

And then let me know how that goes for you in my Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Facebook group.We’re sharing insights on mental rehearsal and how to improve performance!

“I’ve learned more, and taken more action, than in anything else I’ve done.”

7DayEbook-Version 2“I absolutely loved this training. I’ve spent a LOT of money that I couldn’t afford to spend on internet training and ebook info, and marketing, and NONE of what I’ve done has been so specific, clear, and helpful as this has been.

Your class gave us ways to easily determine the direction we wanted to go in; to organize our thoughts and writing in such a way as to make the creation of the eBook itself REALLY simple; and to get it up online with a minimum of fuss.

In other words, I’ve learned more, and taken more action, than in anything else I’ve done. I was able to take a book that I’ve been trying to write for several years (and gotten nowhere with!), and, by working thru the process you teach in this course, break it down into manageable bits. In fact, it became so manageable that I ended up with a series of books planned, rather than one ginormous one.”

– Marie Angeli


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