7 Ways You Can Skyrocket Your Lead Generation and Conversion Rate Using Images

FACT: utilizing visually appealing images strategically can significantly improve your leads.

• Discover the power of eye-catching images and how they can effortlessly attract subscribers to your valuable content.

• Learn how to create an emotional connection with your audience through persuasive “hero” images, increasing your conversion rate.

• Find out why incorporating these types of images can instantly establish credibility and drive more leads.

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Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot: 10 Things Not to Do with Your Sales Letter

Creating a long form sales letter can be a great way to drive more sales for your product or service. Despite what haters say, long form sales letters work GREAT when selling to a rabid, targeted audience.

However, there are certain mistakes people make over and over again when crafting their sales letters that can hurt their chances at success.

I’ve seen (and made) all of these mistakes in the last 26 years… don’t you make them too!

This list of mistakes to avoid will help you ensure that your long form sales letter is effective and drives maximum conversions….

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Putting, Testing, and Making Bank! [video]

I relearned a VERY valuable lesson on my headline yesterday that could have cost me A LOT of money. What does that have to do with putting, testing and making bank? EVERYTHING! Join me on the dock to find out more. Want me to walk you through creating your book live? Your ticket is included…

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Conversion Rates and Why They Matter – SCCMH [Podcast 35]

“Conversion Rates and Why They Matter”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss the in depth details of conversion rates with regard to opt in pages, sales pages, order bump, upsells or one time offers, abandoned cart recovery, and email sequences with click through rates. Check out the 1-2 punch Jim does with this topic breaking it down to the basics…

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The Truth About Funnels

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