5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Lead Magnets

Quality, not quantity, make a great lead magnet.

If you want to build a huge, rabid, responsive list, keep your lead magnet focused on a SINGLE “Big Idea, Solution, or Payoff” your target audience REALLY wants.

Focus on a single, HUGE promise that’s important to your target audience.

If you structure your lead magnet wrong, it’ll blow up in your face and cost you a lot of time, money, and credibility.

So, if you want to know how to get a LOT more leads…

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Product Review: ImgFlip Online Meme Maker Software from imgflip.com

In a nutshell, ImgFlip online meme maker software gives you the keys to easily create amazing memes super fast, without having to hire a graphics person or buy any specialized software. You literally just click a few links, whack a button, and you have a cool custom meme. ImgFlip.com is a combination of graphic repository…

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