How To Leverage AI To Test and Make a LOT More Money in Your Marketing

Which headline did you like better?

In 2003-2004 I launched a product called “How To Get Anything You Want.” It was a studio-quality audio CD I spent months putting together. I had a LOT riding on the launch of the product, not only in terms of money, but also my reputation and self-image.

So, launch day came and I sent out an email to my list announcing the brand-new program. 100 people came to the site… nobody bought. 200 people… 300 people… 400 people…


I was freaking out…

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Why The Hook For Your Story Is More Important Than The Story Itself

What is a story hook? 

The story hook is the big idea behind the story. Specifically, it’s the big idea that pulls people into the story. 

If I said to you, “Hey, let me tell you a quick story about how I changed my website from 40 pages to one page, and sales went up 250% overnight. That increase was enough to cover a house payment, two car payments, and the electric bill.”

That’s a hook… it’s a little long, but it’s a hook…

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Weekly Update – February 22, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets Seven Hooks To Make Your Sales Stories Unforgettable Here are seven of the best ways to make your sales story instantly capture people’s minds and get them to hang on your every word. A Moment That Changed Your Life The first one is basically to talk about a moment that changed your…

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The Hook Is MORE Important Than The Story [video]

Why The Hook For Your Story Is More Important Than The Story Itself The “story hook” is the big idea behind the story that pulls people into the story. A really good story hook comes from extremes; emotional highs and lows which provide contrast. Want to build up a rabid fanbase of hungry customers? This…

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Weekly Update – February 2, 2022

A Note From Jim Author = Expert = More Influence = More Connection = More Impact! The Word Of The Day Is “Author” When most people see the word “author” they quickly imagine someone who wrote a book. Others sometimes think of their favorite writer or their favorite book series. But some entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers,…

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How To Be The #1 “Hooker” In Your Niche [video]

If you’re sick and tired of being forced to spend years of trial and error figuring it out on your own and you want to get more views and clicks, then this brand new video “How To Be The #1 “Hooker” In Your Niche” is exactly what you’ve been looking for!Want more tips on grabbing…

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My #1 Most Amazing Tip For Headlines That Hook Like Crazy

My #1 Most Amazing Tip For Headlines That Hook Like Crazy

Why do headlines matter?

You may not know this, but for 10 years, I was a syndicated newspaper columnist. That meant I wrote real articles that appeared in real newspapers across the US, as well as in magazines around the world.

I remember when I started writing for the newspaper, I was so nervous…

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Word Of The Day: Hook [video]

Did you know that people are 5X more likely to read your copy, blog posts and ads if you have a great headline? I personally have achieved a 500% increase in sales JUST by testing the hook in my headlines.  Do you want to know how to hook people in and stop them in their…

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Wanna Get Rich? – Start Writing For Third Graders! [video]

“Messages that are written at a third-grade reading level receive 36% more responses” – Boomerang The big idea here is people aren’t stupid… they’re busy! They only have so much bandwidth to expend trying to understand all the information coming at them all at once. It’s not up to them to understand you… it’s up to…

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#1 Tip For Headlines That Hook Like Crazy [Video]

Here’s my number one top formula for super “hooky” headlines…  if you want to get more clicks, views, and sales – WATCH this! This is the one I learned from 10 years of writing for newspapers across the country. If you want even more great hooks, grab a FREE copy of my book Copywriting Secrets…

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