Jim and Stew Discuss the F Word (Reframing Fear) – SCCMH [Podcast 94]

“Jim and Stew Discuss the F Word (Reframing Fear) – SCCMH [Podcast 94]”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith have a discussion about the F Word. Reframing fear and moving forward vs. freezing, too scared or intimidated. Fear and failure are good – they both are learning experiences if you don’t let them get you down and stop you in your tracks. Check out this discussion and you may find a unique way to change your direction or get you moving again when fear or nervousness stops you in your tracks.

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Pivot [video]

When our businesses or life take a hard hit it can be hard to know what to do next. Oftentimes, we feel that it’s easier to tense up, shut down, forget all of our resources and focus on the negative. What if instead of going down that path, you decide to just pivot? Write AMAZING…

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Sometimes You Have To Just Gut It Out…

I am in the middle of a new project right now. It’s taking a LOT longer than I had hoped (but not a lot longer than I planned for). I’m learning a new system… I hired a new coach… I’m doing something in a serious way that in the past I’ve only dabbled around with.…

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