It’s Not What It Is – It’s What It Does – SCCMH [Podcast 21]

“It’s Not What It IS… It’s What It DOES!”

This is Sales Copywriting GOLD here folks.  Jim and Stew discuss a problem most of us have as entrepreneurs – actually selling our products / services incorrectly.

It’s Not What It IS… It’s What It DOES! When it comes to sales copywriting, one of the biggest mistakes people make is getting hung up on WHAT they sell. Not what your products or service actually DO for the people that buy them.

Hook and sell on emotion, easing of a problem with anything we sell. We all need to remember that people buy what you’re selling based on the desires it satisfies or the problems it solves. As Jim references in the podcast, we don’t just sell tea, a book, or a drill, we sell products that help people ease their pain, solve their problems, or help them reach their goals and dreams.  Never forget that…

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Case Study vs Testimonials – What is the Difference? How to Use Them? – SCCMH Podcast 20 [podcast]

“Case Study vs Testimonials – What is the Difference? How to Use Them?”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss the differences and all the ways to use both case studies and testimonials.

BONUS – Jim walks us all through the Case Study and Testimonial Funnel Script Wizard to build an interview for satisfied customers and build a killer segment for your testimonial page.

You can find out more about Funnel Scripts…

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Polishing Your Salescopy for Max Sales – SCCMH Podcast 19 [podcast]

“Polishing Your Sales Copy for Max Sales”

Take sales copy from 90% to 95-100% and perfect for you and your business. 
Start with the Title and Headlines – make sure you have hook to help get eyes on you.   Have a hook to build curiosity that resonates with your target audience. 

Does your sales copy – discuss a problem and how to fix it?
Test a few changes to your headlines / titles and see which one works best in an article, product, or service…..

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Testing Your Sales Copy – Bettering Your Best – SCCMH Podcast 10 [podcast + transcript]

“Testing Your Sales Copy – Bettering Your Best”

Jim drops some knowledge bombs on how to test your sales copy on your site or in video sales letters. The focus of this discussion is getting more money from the SAME traffic. To do this you have to test ONE THING AT A TIME…

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Ten Most Lethal Copywriting Mistakes – SCCMH Podcast 9 [podcast + transcript]

“Ten Most Lethal Copywriting Mistakes”

Jim Edwards hits it out of the park with this top ten list focusing on mistakes in copywriting.  

A brief synopsis is the following:

1 – No headline or title (or crappy one)

2 – Features only with no benefits or meaning

3 – Don’t talk about  yourself – Talk TO the customer…

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