Weekly Update – June 7, 2023

Jim’s Golden Nuggets Tap into Your Avatar’s Immediate Needs and Skyrocket Your Opt-In Rates How to Use Immediate Desire to Create Compelling Opt-In Offers To increase opt-in rates, tie your offer to an immediate desire or solution to an immediate problem for your audience. As humans, we are more likely to respond to things that…

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Don’t make people feel stupid for buying from You! [VIDEO]

I want them to feel like I’m always giving them extreme value. Watch this video to see more.. PLUS I spilled the beans on the OTO for my Copywriting Secrets Funnel. We’re releasing Copywriting Secrets this month! Get on the priority notification list here: www.copywritingsecrets.com Join my Sales Copy & Content Marketing Hacks FB group…

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#1 Job Of Any Sales Story You Tell To Sell – SCCMH Podcast 7 [podcast + transcript]

“#1 Job Of Any Sales Story You Tell To Sell”

Hey all you entrepreneurs! Here’s your chance to tell a better story that leads to more sales, signups, and credibility so you can tell better stories so you can sell more (while you’re not forced to pull your hair out)!

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