The Dirty Little Secret About Outsourcing

I bet you already heard this:

Hey! You need to outsource so you can build your team in order to grow.

Everyone says you should build a team.

And I agree! You need a team if you want to grow exponentially!

Many experts also say you should outsource, especially your weaknesses.

I agree with 90% of that statement.


There is ONE thing you can’t outsource…

You can’t outsource the responsibility for your success. 

I’ve seen situations where people outsource something in order to skip out on something that is ultimately their responsibility.

The problem arises when they don’t outsource the right way or use the right person. When things don’t turn out right, they blame the person they outsourced to and avoid taking any responsibility.

Here’s my advice:

If you’re ACTUALLY committing to make something happen in your life or business, then it’s your responsibility (whether you did the work or not)!

You’re the one who must manage the people you’re outsourcing to… and if they don’t deliver, the buck stops with you!

Even if you’re a one-person operation, you are responsible to yourself as the one who makes sure stuff happens when it’s supposed to happen.

You can’t blame other people even if you’re outsourcing!

If something doesn’t happen the way you wanted, it means you didn’t manage it the right way.

This is the ONE thing people don’t tell you when they’re trying to sell you on their “Magical Outsourcing Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires” home study course.

They don’t tell you that when you outsource, you have gone from being the person who is doing the process to the person managing the process!

That’s the dirty little secret of outsourcing: responsibility lies with you, no matter who does the work.

Remember this fundamental relationship:

  • If you’re leading a team, you’re responsible for everything that does or doesn’t get done.
  • If you’re doing everything yourself, understand that you STILL must learn how to manage the process (even if no other people are involved).

I know from my own experience the only way to get results is to take 100% responsibility, even if you’re not the one doing the work.

The Takeaway

Responsibility vs. outsourcing is one of those hidden relationships that most people don’t see.

No matter how you do the work…

By yourself, with a partner, or delegated to your team…

YOU are responsible for the results.

There’s no one else to blame.

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