The Holy Grail Of Proof = Case Studies

Case studies – Your #1 Way To Prove That What You Sell Works!

What is a case study? When some people hear the word case study, they probably think of a testimonial… but a case study is not a testimonial. 

A testimonial is when somebody says good things about you or good things about your product. A case study is the customer’s journey with your product. 

A case study follows the hero’s journey. People start out just humming along in life, then something bad happens, then things go from bad to worse, and they finally hit rock bottom. 

Just when all seems lost, they discover your product. It’s your product that brings them up out of the pit of despair and makes them a superhero. 

So for example, somebody might decide they want to be an author. The minute they decide to be an author, they launch into this whole long journey of “Oh my gosh, I gotta sit and write and write and write, and write and write. Then, once they’ve written for a couple of years, they ask, “How do I get it published? What about an editor or getting some sort of formatting or a cover? Yikes, this sucks.”

Then they discover 7 Day Ebook, and they realized, “Oh, my gosh, I don’t have to take years to write a book, I don’t have to struggle to get it formatted. I don’t have to bang my head against the wall to get a cover done or get it up on Amazon, I can just follow what’s in the seven day program. And that’s exactly what I did and I was able to become a published author. Then I was able to become a number one Amazon bestseller. Then I was able to leverage that book to get tons and tons of business.”

That’s a case study!!

The story of how the customer was able to get a result with your product or service.

Are case studies better than testimonials? Not ripping testimonials, because testimonials are super important on a sales page, but a case study is content you can use to build:

  • Entire webinars around case studies
  • Great videos
  • Social media posts
  • and more!

Case studies get people to buy your product because they believe not only will it work for you, but it will work for them. 

So how do you get case studies? 

First, you can ask.

Go out to your customers and ask them, “Hey, can I get a case study with you to share the story of how you were able to get results?”

Second, drag people kicking and screaming across the finish line.

Reach out to somebody in your target audience and say, “Hey, look, I know you want to get this result. I know I can get you this result. I need a case study. And so what I’m going to do is walk you through every step of the process, we’re going to document everything, and turn this into a case study that I can use to prove that my methods work. Sound good?

So then you grab a few people and you do it… whatever it is!

And you might say, “Jim, that sounds like a lot of work.” Well, it’s not a lot of work if you do it as a high ticket coaching program where you charge thousands of dollars… or as any type of coaching program, really. Bottom line is, I don’t care how you do it. 

A case study that comes to mind is Russell Brunson and the green juice / green drink. 

Russell leveraged that case study of how the green drink funnel went from zero to crushing it using Clickfunnels. 

Russell leveraged that case study for years. He also leveraged another guy named Trey Llewellyn and the case studies of the funnels he created. I think one of his most successful funnels involved gun oil.

By the way, getting case studies is actually a win, win, win. The person you help create the case study with your help wins because you help them reach success. 

You win because you’ve got an amazing case study you can use to sell people on your opportunity, your product, or your coaching.

Your ideal customer that responds to the case study wins because they can see that you have a legitimate offering. 

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