The Most Dangerous Thing To Do With Traffic is…

What’s the most dangerous thing you can do with traffic?

It’s common sense, really.

There’s even an old saying about it…

The most dangerous thing you can do with traffic is putting all your traffic eggs in one basket. 

What do I mean by that?

I mean only running ads on ONE platform or building your business around one ad type.

For example

  • If you only use Facebook ads, what happens when Facebook shuts down your account? 
  • If you only use Google ads, what happens when Google changes its rules?
  • What happens when a joint venture partner or super affiliate moves on and creates their own product?

I know a lot of people who have gone through situations like these.

I know people who’ve done affiliate marketing for only one company.

Then that company wigged out, and the affiliate lost a lot of money.

(That one actually happened to me)

The funny thing is that it happens over and over again.

Back in the day, everyone thought they only needed one place to get traffic.

First, it was GoTo, then Google AdWords, then Bing, then Facebook, then…

You get the point.

To create a bulletproof business, you must diversify your traffic across multiple channels. 

You can’t depend primarily on Facebook (or Google or Pinterest)!

Facebook accounts get banned for literally no reason. It’s an entirely automated process, and no human being is involved at any point. (Just try getting a customer service rep on the phone!)

It can take months to get your account reinstated and sometimes then just leave you out to dry.

Can you afford to have no traffic coming to your business for months?

Of course not!

Multiple Traffic Categories – Multiple Traffic Sources

There are three ways you can get traffic. You can buy it, borrow it, or build it.

For example:

  1. You can buy traffic.

Buying traffic means buying ads.

You should buy ads from different platforms!

  1. You can borrow traffic.

Borrowing traffic is usually all about affiliates and affiliate marketing.

You can get people to do joint ventures with you or sell as an affiliate.

You can also do traffic swaps with other people that don’t involve commissions.

Key: don’t do this with just one person – do it with a LOT of people.

  1. You can build traffic.

Building traffic is all about content marketing (articles, videos, posts, lives, etc.).

You can start with list building.

The BEST source of traffic is from your own email list, but you should always build content for multiple platforms to attract people to join your email list.

The Takeaway

The big lesson here is….

You MUST develop a portfolio of traffic, not a one-trick-pony traffic source.

Diversify across many sources of traffic for the best results.

It’s a long-term strategy that can offer tremendous benefits.

Buy, borrow, or build traffic.

Make sure you use more than one source in each of these categories.

You never know when your account gets flagged!

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