The Super Strategy Smart Funnel Hackers Use To Build A Business… Even If You Have No Product.

Do you want to make more money without having to spend a ton of time creating a product to test a market or build your list?

Let’s talk about how you can build your business even if you have no product.

Secret #1: Discover what a bridge page is!

Basically, a bridge page is a page that bridges your ad or content with a sales funnel.

It can be:

  • Your own offer
  • An affiliate offer
  • An opt-in
  • A membership
  • A demo
  • A story
  • A testimonial

The goal is to pre-frame people for what they’re going to see on the next page.

It’s called a bridge page because it literally bridges them over to the next thing!

Secret #2: Create As Many Bridge Pages As You Need!

Many people wonder how many bridge pages is best.

And my answer is: as many as you need!

The goal is to bridge!

You don’t want your bridge pages to be super long, but it would help if you aimed to hit different issues and angles that concern people.

Let’s say I wanted to create a bridge page for Funnel Scripts.

I would create a bridge page that focused on an issue such as mistakes people make with headlines. After I revealed the mistakes, I would introduce the product (Funnel Scripts) that would help them avoid the mistakes.

The key is to create multiple bridge pages and test to see what’s working!

Secret #3: Don’t Forget About The Three Best Angles For Your Bridge Pages!

No matter which topic you choose, the angles to use that work best are:

  • Save time
  • Make money/save money
  • Avoid effort

These will help you get fast results!

The Takeaway

Here are a few points you should consider:

  1. Bridge pages work because they bridge the gap between where somebody is and where you want them to end up.
  2. They follow the same hook-story-offer format that works with other funnels.
  3. You need to test a lot of different bridge pages to find the ones that work best.

So, join me for EXTRA tips in my Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Facebook group for more insights on bridge pages!

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