WARNING: Don’t ever make fun of… [video]

Showing your humor can really help to build your attractive character with your followers. It can also be the death of your relationship with others. There will always be folks that just want to be offended and using appropriate humor can help to clean up your list. But there are just some things that you never joke about and should avoid at all costs. 

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  • Adventago

    Reply Reply September 11, 2020

    Let me guess someone implemented on what you told them I remember reading that article at first I thought it was serious until I found out about halfway through

    Looks like we need to do a 100-day private mentorship on this also I love your humor its really funny

    However, I would have to disagree with your a little there are many comedians and others that do what is called “Dark humor” or “Poking at the lion”

    And for me personally, some can be over the top and some can be a tiny bit funny

    But anyway thank you for the video have a great day From your friend ADVENTAGO 🙂

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