Weekly Update – February 28, 2019

A Note From Jim

Would you like to know the #1 thing you can tie stuff to and automatically create a system that will make you more productive?

Tie whatever new activity you want to create a habit around to when you check your email for the first time in the morning.

All of us check our email every morning, right? So let’s say you wanted to create a video every morning. Then every morning when you check your email, make a video, and then you don’t have to remember to make the video.

You simply tie the act of video making into the system of checking your email.

I’ll give you even another cool tip.

The night before, send yourself an email about the topic you’re going to make the video about in the morning. That way you don’t even have to think when you check your email in the morning, There’ll be an email from you telling you what to make your video about.

Making a video as a result of reading that email is going to get you in the habit.

That creates a system for you to be able to create that video consistently… which is key.


Did You Miss This?

I posted a new short video on the blog that tackles how to use integrate or eliminate (sounds high and mighty, but it is powerfully simple).  It’s my new motto going forward. Watch the video to learn why it matters so much, especially if you’re feeling like you’re spread too thin in business or life.

In less than 4 minutes I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to (Life after Funnel Hacking Live) and the coming changes you’ll be seeing as a result of using ‘integrate or eliminate’ to get more of what matters done.

Watch the video here on the blog

Did This One Get Past You Too?

If you’ve caught yourself running on auto-pilot and want to get better results with almost no extra effort, then this quick blog post is for you!

You’ll learn how to use a fun test that takes literally only a few seconds to do, but can get you BIG results!

Check out the blog article here:


Spot Light

What if you could get access to ALL my software, ALL my past training, and ALL my new training?

Would that be cool?

Well, You CAN get access to all that and a lot more! It’s called “The Jim Edwards Method Premium” and the doors are open right now… but only for a few days (and then the doors slam shut again until summer).

Get all the details here: https://thejimedwardsmethod.com/premium/

What is My #1 Productivity Hack?

If you want to be more productive start tying the things that you want to get done to other things that you’re already doing. Watch this short video to see what I mean.

Watch the video here


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