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The Top Mistake New (and Old) Entrepreneurs Make

The Top Mistake New (and Old) Entrepreneurs MakeHere’s the Top Mistake new entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs make all the time. It’s funny because you think as we grow, advance, and learn, we would stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

But there’s one mistake that everyone seems to make up front (and many continue to repeat for their entire entrepreneurial journey). The mistake is actually really simple. Here it is…

It’s “inventing something new and then going in search of an audience.”

Here’s the typical entrepreneurial journey for most people. SIDE NOTE: I did this exact process myself, so no judgement here. ☹

Somebody has an idea for a product, service, software, etc. They just KNOW this new thing they thought of is going to change the world and “We’re all going to get rich!” When you ask them why, the enthusiastically tell you “Because everybody needs it!”

So they invest weeks, months, even years of time, energy, and effort in their new creation.

They mortgage their house to load their garage with their widget.

They invest thousands, tens-of-thousands, even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars hiring people to help them create, market, and sell the product. Then, once everything is perfect, they go in search of the “everyone” they believed would eagerly line up to buy their invention…

Only to discover that the market isn’t interested in what they’ve come out with. They are then crushed emotionally, financially, and spiritually. They give up… put on a hair net… and spend the rest of their days asking people “Would you like fries with that?”

In my estimation, this happens 1000s of times a day all over the world.

Now, here’s the flip side.

Find a group of people (this is known as a “market”).

Get to know those people really, really well! Get to know:

  • Their hopes
  • Their fears
  • Their desires
  • Their problems
  • Their roadblocks

Find out exactly what they want, and then go find it… invent it… develop it… and sell it to them.

Sounds simple, but hardly anybody does it.

If you look at people who hit Grand Slams with their offers, every single one of them – unless they just got lucky – understood their customer before they provided a solution.

So if you want to be successful, here’s my advice…

Don’t invent a product and go in search of a market.

Find a market and go in search of a solution that market is ready, willing and able to pay for!

The wisdom makes perfect sense to me in this book…”

– Cindy Zhao

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Featured Article

Do you ever stop and think about how to turn your “to do” list into your “DONE” list?

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And I have a helpful answer. 😁

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