Weekly Update – January 26, 2022

A Note From Jim

Tip #1 – How To Be The #1 “Hooker” In Your Niche

How To Be The #1 “Hooker” In Your NicheIf you want to get more views and clicks, then here’s a sales copywriting tip for you!

The Main Idea Here Is: Spend Twice As Much Time On Your Hook As You Do Your Copy

  • If they don’t stop to read your email, ad, blog post, or sales page…. it’s the same as if you didn’t write it!
  • Your content can be average, but an above average hook will give you above average results.
  • With a great hook, once someone dives into your copy or content, as long as it doesn’t suck, they’ll probably finish it.
  • Get really good at hooking people – make the decision to consciously get better at headlines, hooks, and subject lines.

Tip #2 – Wanna Get Rich? – Start Writing For Third Graders!

“Messages that are written at a third-grade reading level receive 36% more responses” – Boomerang

This statistic is from Boomerang. Boomerang offers one of the most widely used email extensions on the web… they’ve analyzed billions of email messages.

Wanna Get Rich? – Start Writing For Third Graders!The big idea here is people aren’t stupid… they’re busy! They only have so much bandwidth to expend trying to understand all the information coming at them all at once.

Here’s how this applies to us and sales copywriting:

When you put a sales message in front of someone, it’s up to YOU to make it easy for them to grasp the big idea almost instantly.

It’s not up to them to understand you… it’s up to YOU to understand them and communicate in a way that gets the information across fast.

Let’s put this into action:

  1. Look at your emails and sales letters like a slippery slide.
  2. Does someone jump on the slide and zoom to the bottom with lightning speed, or do they get stuck on rough spots (big words, complex concepts, complicated language)?
  3. If in doubt, simplify your messages.
  4. Always focus on the BENEFIT or the PAYOFF for them… not technical mumbo jumbo.

“This book is a MUST have for any die hard funnel hacker!”

Tal Sarid“I’m sick of drills, so let’s switch to something sexy. Let’s talk about wrenches!”

I literally laughed out loud finishing up my signed copy of Jim Edwards’ Copywriting Secrets on the flight back from an outstanding, amazing and phenomenal FHL! (can’t wait for next year). This book is a MUST have for any die hard funnel hacker! Soo many insights and aha moments… I can’t recommend it enough! Jim… Thank you!

-Tal Sarid

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Featured Article

Someone asked me what I would do if I had to build a list from scratch.

And the answer is straightforward.

There are three major steps I’d take to build a list from scratch.

#1 Decide EXACTLY Who I Want On My List.

See Jim’s 3 List Building Tips

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Jim’s Gem

Every week Jim goes live on Facebook and shares valuable nuggets of information with his followers. Here are the most recent gems 💎

#1 Tip For Headlines That Hook Like Crazy

If you had a do-over, what would you do?

Is there ever enough time?

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