Weekly Update – January 3, 2019

A Note From Jim

Give Change a Chance

It’s interesting.

I remember when I got my “stand up desk” just a few years ago.

I had heard that a stand-up desk can really help you to lose weight, improve posture, actually think better, etc.

I gotta tell you… the first day, I thought I’d made a mistake.

How in the hell was I going to stand at my desk and get any work done?

But, the next day I had an interesting experience. I brainstormed some things while standing at the desk and when I got done, I was amazed.

It just flowed out of my head effortlessly. It was pretty cool.

I also did two webinars standing at the desk and it really felt more like a presentation than just talking at my computer screen.

So, I decided to give change a chance. Oftentimes our initial thought is to regret making a change, especially a drastic change.

It’s easier to go back to the way things were before we decided to do something different.

But it’s important to remember WHY you wanted to make the change. What were the benefits?

If it was important enough to initiate in the first place, it’s important enough to give it a fair shake, especially at the beginning.

That applies to everything from your goals to your habits to your working environment (and even your relationships).

For 2019, give change a chance. You’ll be amazed at the results!


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Happy New Year from our family to yours!



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