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I had a great conversation the other day with a business partner of mine about making more sales.

He put it very well when he said “If you’re an author who is great at writing books, but you suck at selling them… Are you really an author?“

I think he meant no matter how good you are creating products, software, membership sites, books, or anything else, if you can’t sell whatever it is you made, then you’re kind of a failure.

I know that sounds harsh, especially in today’s PC world, but it’s true. 

We all get into this online business world to make money, but in the end, we also want to make a difference for people. 

Making a difference and money actually go hand-in-hand. 

Even if you operate a nonprofit you can’t operate without money… and making money means making sales.

You have three choices when it comes to making more sales:

1. You can figure it all out on your own (and take years to do it).

2. You can hire somebody to do it for you. (The problem with that is you can’t hire the truly great salespeople because they sell for themselves.)

3. You can have somebody teach you how to make more sales and learn from their experience.

This last option is the one and only true shortcut to making more money… leveraging someone else’s sales experience so you can apply it to your own business.

That’s exactly what the Jim boat is all about. Leveraging other peoples’ experiences in many different areas to make more sales in your business… no matter what you sell.

But, time is running out!

You only have a couple more days to jump onboard… then the ship sets sail without you!

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Formula #1:  -P x -A +S = $ales!

Formula #2: D + (B x B x B) + S = $ales

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PP  / P factor = IOF (Irresistible Offer)

Payoff and Promise divided by Pain Factor = Irresistible Offer

P factor = Time, Effort, Resourses, and Skill – Watch and learn how to re-think salescopy into a short framework that is easy to follow. 

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