Weekly Update – July 22, 2020

A Note From Jim

Where Do Great, NEW, Profitable Ideas (Inspiration) Come From?

Many people believe they appear out of thin air… like a blessing sent from on high to a few, select people deemed worthy by a higher power.

I tend to think that great ideas come from a different source.

Let’s look at a dictionary definition of “inspiration.”

“Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something that gives you new and creative ideas. … If something or someone is the inspiration for a particular book, work of art, or action, they are the source of the ideas in it or act as a model for it.”

In other words, inspiration comes from a stimulus of some kind: a person, a word, a movie, an email, a conversation, etc.

Inspiration doesn’t happen on its own… it happens as a result of some stimulus meeting up with your current mindset, situation and experience.

Want more inspiration? Want more profitable ideas?

Read more “good stuff” (which does not include memes on social media).

Have intellectually stimulating conversations with intelligent people.

Talk to your customers.

Answer questions from your target audience.

Look for patterns where there’s a gap in skill, understanding or ability in your target audience and brainstorm ideas on how you can bridge that gap.

If you want to get inspired, then get some more stimulation in your life from the right sources.

Are you inspired yet?


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