Weekly Update – June 13, 2018

A Note From Jim

Want Something Different – TRY Something Different

It’s funny how many things are done the way they’re done because “that’s the way we’ve always done things!”

Did you know railroad widths can be traced back to a single guy who attached a steam engine to mining carts? (No, it wasn’t Roman chariots!) Because that guy did it first, that’s the width that pretty much got adopted everywhere (with some exceptions of course). But does that width still make sense today? Who knows… because nobody is asking that question.

Great news: with what we’re doing online now with tools, software, and innovation, you can always ask the question “With changes in technology, strategy and computing power, what could we do differently to get the same or a better result faster, cheaper and in fewer steps?”

That’s the exact question I asked when it came to writing a book… and that’s where “3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard” came from!

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