Weekly Update – March 4, 2020

A Note From Jim

Legitimately Changing Priorities… or Creative Procrastination?

I recently spent an entire day with my team going over the next 6 months of activity in our business.

We laid everything out on my 9-foot whiteboard.

We detailed every step we needed to take.

We put dates and deadlines with all the action items.

We made sure everybody knew their assignments.

The next day I got a call that caused me to pull everyone back in and say, “We need to completely change the priorities we just set!”

Everybody’s jaw dropped and they looked shocked… until I explained what was going on and they all got onboard instantly.

What made this a good thing rather than a total waste of time?

This new priority 110% fits with our mission and I explained exactly how it would impact the entire team positively.

In other words, this wasn’t an excuse to go chase a bright shiny object… it was an opportunity we all realized would help us reach our goals FASTER!

So, the way to know if you’re legitimately changing priorities or just procrastinating is to ask yourself two questions and answer truthfully:

  1. Will this get the team to our existing outcome faster, easier, and more efficiently?
  2. Is what I want to do truly more important than my current focus, or am I just reacting out of urgency, boredom, or excitement-seeking?

If your answer to both questions empowers you and your team, then go ahead and adjust your priorities.

If not, strongly consider staying on your current path instead!



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Article of the Week

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Letting The Chickens Out with Jim

Every week Jim goes live on Facebook and posts his morning tips while letting the chickens out.

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