Weekly Update – March 7, 2019

A Note From Jim

“Hook Them With No And Then Lead Them To Yes”

I’ve told you before that the fastest, easiest way to hook somebody in your sales copy is with a question.

Most people will ask questions like, “Hey, do you want more book sales?” Or “Hey, do you want to sell more of your books?”

The problem is, everybody is going for the yes. And by going for the yes with your hook question all the time, people can start to feel manipulated and put up their sales resistance. They’re expecting somebody to ask them a “yes” question.

A cool thing you can do is actually hook people with a “no” because they’re not expecting it. For example: if we were going after authors and we wanted to hook them traditionally, we would say something like, “Hey, do you want to make more book sales?” And that’s a good hook. But people are expecting you to ask them a question that leads to yes.

But what if we asked, “Hey, are you making all the book sales you’re capable of making right now?” They would most likely say “Well, no!”

Once we get the no, then we can lead them very naturally to the next step. For example: you ask somebody, “Hey, are you selling all the books you want to sell right now?” No. “Well, if the answer’s no, then take a look at this!”

See, going for the no totally changes the frame because everybody’s expecting to get sold. Everybody’s expecting you to manipulate them into a yes. Now, this may seem like a fine point, but when we’re talking about hooking people, the fine point can make a difference between hooking one out of 10 and hooking eight out of 10!

Something to think about 😊


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