Weekly Update – November 14, 2018

A Note From Jim

I got this email overnight from a long time customer who has turned into a very close friend… thought you might enjoy the answer as well…

Hi Jim-

On the surface it looks like Russell Brunson’s 10X training is bootcamp for infomercials. However, you gave it a strong recommendation and it is $297, so I’m curious if you think it would be useful to me. I’m always interested in better ways to persuade people. However, the hard sell is not part of my approach.

Is there a money back guarantee? I didn’t see any mention of one?



Hi Bill,

It’s not so much infomercials as it is how to put together a sales presentation of any length (though its original intention was to create a 90 minute webinar + pitch)

I personally have adapted what I’ve learned from Russell in the past to double my webinar conversion.

This product is pretty cool in that he interviews two ladies who do MUCH shorter presentations using his pattern and have done very well.

They do offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, though that is sort of buried in the disclaimer at the bottom. (I’m sure they are testing or have tested that VS. having the guarantee on the copy itself)

Overall I’d say it is well worth the $297 to see the pattern laid out and explained… as well as some uses other than internet marketing.

Over the last 3 years I have worked with Russell to create TWO different versions of the “Perfect Webinar Wizard” software so I know his pattern as well as anyone… and I am STILL learning some very cool stuff from the 10X Secrets course (specifically how it can all be shortened).

Say what you want about Russell, he knows how to sell and I 110% believe his heart is in the right place… and the hard sell part can be softened up a LOT and just create a slippery slope that still leads people to want to buy.

Russell is also a big fan of Tony Robbins and I can see a good bit of NLP in how you sweep false beliefs out from under people to help them make a buying decision as part of the pattern.

Hope that helps 

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