Weekly Update – September 12, 2019

A Note From Jim

“The Content Creation Trap”

Does this sounds familiar?

You spend a couple hours creating content in the morning. You’re all excited because you spent quality time to create an article. You feel a real sense of accomplishment.

But then, instead of spending at least an hour or two distributing that content, you say “Oh man, I’m glad that’s over. I’ve got other stuff to do. Let me just post a link to it over on Facebook.”

The next day, instead of doing an article, you make a video. Once the video is done you say “Whew, I really worked hard on that! That’s a great video. Let me just go throw it over on Linkedin and I’ll worry about distributing it later. I’m tired from creating the content. I’ve got other stuff I need to do.”

Is this the pattern that you follow when you create your content? In other words, do you spend all your time on creating content and then no time to actually distribute that content?

That’s a TRAP!

I’ve learned over the years it’s a very easy trap to fall into. You get the sense of accomplishment and “putting in the work” you need from the content creation.

But if you don’t distribute the content you create you’re actually WASTING TIME.

You’re better off NOT creating content if you won’t distribute it.

Think about that for a minute.

If you aren’t going to distribute or sell the content you create in a systematic fashion, you’re just wasting time and fooling yourself into thinking you’re actually putting in work.

Man. That is harsh.

But it’s true.

And I’m writing this little note to myself as much as I am to you… so don’t feel bad.

I fall into this trap all the time.

Remember I told you earlier it’s easy to fall into this trap. So my advice to you and me is whenever you create a piece of content, spend at least as much time promoting it as you did creating it.

Build the habit of distribution as much as you build the habit of creation.

Food for thought!


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