Weekly Update – September 2, 2020

A Note From Jim

Flexible Tactics – Rigid Goals

It’s no secret that we’re living in strange times… but when have we not?

People have complained about politicians since time immemorial.

Plague… economic worries… social unrest… war… stupidity… crime.

Those things pretty much follow humans anywhere they go… always have… always will.

So, what makes these times different… and what should we do about it?

The biggest difference is communication.

Even 15 years ago, it took a while for ideas to spread and people to react. Now, the world is one giant knee-jerk reaction to everything.

Someone gets a hangnail on one side of the world and the entire planet knows about it.

Someone screws up and society explodes… markets shut down… things change.

The only defense we have is to be flexible in our tactics, but rigid in our goals.

What do I mean?

Well, sites can shut down. Accounts can get shut down. Things happen.

If something does happen (like Covid-19) you need to adapt your tactics, but keep your end goal in even clearer focus than before.

All of us need to be flexible in the methods, means, and tools we use as times change… but our goals must remain ever-present in our consciousness.

That’s the only way to achieve DESPITE what’s going on in the world around us.

A word to the wise 🙂


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