Weekly Update – September 26, 2019

A Note From Jim

The Truth About Trying Something New <<<

Remember that kid who wouldn’t eat anything new?

You know, the one who’s entire diet consisted of nothing but chicken nuggets, pizza, and hot dogs.

Anytime he was offered something new to try for dinner, like broccoli, sweet potatoes, or roast beef, he turned up his nose, said “No” and that was that.

He was such a little pain in the ass that his parents just let him get away with it.

Then, one day, by accident, he tried something new and, lo and behold, he LIKED it!

Well, the same thing goes for trying something new in your business. Some people never try anything new, especially if they’ve had any degree of success in the past.


Because trying something NEW is risky. New means danger. New means things might not work out.

Problem is, in these funky times in which we find ourselves now, “NEW” might be the only way you can survive (let alone thrive).

So don’t turn up your nose to new opportunities… new ways of doing things… new techniques… new ideas.

Be smart, but don’t just say no to everything new. But trust your intuition, especially when it comes to trying new things.

I’m following my own advice and trying some new things. Many of them aren’t working, but a few ARE working… and those one or two new things that work look like they’ll make all the difference in the long run.

Just a “new” thought I wanted to share with you 🙂


Turn Change into Your Advantage!

What’s working today may or may not work tomorrow. In this new video I share how to be prepared with your next step…

You’ll learn the key question you need to ask to future-proof your business, and I even reveal the principles that work perpetually no matter how market conditions change so you can eat your competitors lunch before they ever know what hit them!

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Your Questions Answered

In our latest podcast we tackle a question from the Sales Copy and Content Marketing Hacks Facebook group on writing effective copy for a service-based business.

You’ll learn how to get inside the head of your target audience (and what you should never do) and turn it into a book that your best prospective customers will be dying to get their hands on.

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