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7 Surprisingly Simple Reasons Most People FAIL In Online Business (#5 Will Make You Want To Set Your Hair On Fire)

Most people fail not because of the big things, but because of the seemingly small things.

Success is the result of a series of decisions that create a positive or negative outcome over time.

If you can avoid these pitfalls, you’ll make it (sooner or later).

It’s a fact that most people fail in online business – don’t be one of them.

So, if you want to know how to succeed in online business, here are seven reasons why people fail and some hard-earned advice on how to avoid joining them:

Reason # 1 – Not Enough Focus

Most people don’t focus… either on a group of people, a topic, or solving a problem. They end up all over the map and never zero-in on anything long enough to get a result.

They are like a log rotting in the forest for 30 years wondering why they don’t catch fire instead of using a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s rays and spark a flame in a matter of minutes.

Reason # 2 – Give Up Too Soon

Most people quit. Most people are quitters… or dabblers… or serial starters.

Most people never finish – which means they never get a result – and endlessly reinforce in their minds the ideas and actions of someone who quits. You have to stick with something long enough to create a result!

Reason # 3 – They Don’t Target An Audience Willing To Pay

There are plenty of people who want stuff for free. The key is to focus on people who are willing to pay.

The problem is, that often means rejection and expense as you dial-in your marketing message. Most people hate rejection, so they try to “make friends” and mistakenly think they’ll “get people to pay them later.” Or, they blow a ton of money on ads targeting the wrong people who won’t or can’t pay for what they’re selling.

Take the time to target a group of people you KNOW spend money in your area of focus.

Reason # 4 – Nothing Unique About You Or Your Offer

It’s a “me too” world out there. Everybody has a “me too” product they copied off someone else.

You must have a feature or an angle that makes your product or service unique compared to your competitors, otherwise you’re just a commodity where the entire purchasing decision is made on price alone.

Reason # 5 – No Consistent Plan For Eyeballs

How are you going to consistently put your sales message in front of the right people?

How are you going to do that for LESS than it costs you to make and fulfill whatever it is you sell? (You know, so you make a profit. Profit is kinda important unless you’re a Silicone Valley company with endless VC funding.)

SECRET: Once your product is ready to sell, you’re no longer a product creator, you’re a marketer whose sole job is to SELL your product to the right people. That means you need to get really good at sales copy!

Reason # 6 – No Follow Up

The real money is in the follow up.

Following up with people who buy or might buy from you. Retargeting people who saw your ad and expressed interest in maybe buying from you, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Following up with people who already bought so you can build a relationship.

The fortune is in the follow up… and most people don’t follow up.

Reason # 7 – Won’t Pay the Price To Learn Before You Earn

At some point we all must pay a price when it comes to online business.
For some it’s sales copy… for some it’s technology… for some it’s product development… for some it’s traffic generation. For some, it’s ALL of the above and more!

Most people refuse to pay the price. Since they won’t pay the price to learn before you earn (which doesn’t have to take forever), they just nibble around the edges of online business and never really do much of anything.

Pay the price… it’ll be worth it in the end!

Bottom Line: Focus, learn, figure out what makes you unique, and get in front of the right people who are willing to pay you once you prove you can solve their problems and help them produce a result.

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