Weekly Update – September 5, 2019

A Note From Jim

Are You Ready for A Disaster?

There’s a lot of coverage in the news right now about an approaching hurricane… a “disaster” that will ______ (fill in the blanks).

But I’ve learned the hard way over the years that something like that represents a small minority of the disasters we face in the digital age… most of which can be eliminated or mitigated with consistent backups of data and a good surge protector.

Here’s a small list of potential disasters for which you shouldn’t need the government’s reminder to get ready:

  • Lightning strike or power surge 
  • Dropping your phone on the floor (or in the toilet)
  • Stolen computer or phone
  • Burst pipe in your ceiling that rains on your electronics
  • Spilled cup of coffee on your keyboard

Don’t let a disaster strike and derail, cripple, or even destroy your business… even on a sunny day.

Make sure you back up all your data files and then automatically back up any new files / changed files daily, including:

  • your word processing documents
  • spreadsheets
  • databases of names and addresses
  • digital photos
  • ebooks
  • downloaded software you don’t have installation disks for
  • any data files for specific programs you use (like QuickBooks, etc.)
  • copies of your remote files / websites / funnel pages stored on someone else’s server

Also, make sure you have all your important electronics plugged into a really good surge protector (preferably with battery backup).

Don’t learn your lesson the hard way… and don’t let a sudden disaster go from minor inconvenience to life-altering event in the blink of an eye because you didn’t take basic precautions.


PS – If you didn’t see it, I also did a video about how you can prepare for the worst that’s far more likely than a natural disaster. See what I mean here.

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