Which Agenda Will You Follow?

Everybody has an agenda.

Some are good… some are bad. Which is which comes down to a matter of perspective.

But if you’re not: 

  • Living your life;
  • Running your business on purpose;
  • Doing your thing according to YOUR agenda…

Chances are you’re doing it according to someone else’s agenda.

The questions you need to ask are:

  • Does their agenda fit with my agenda?
  • Are they going in the same direction I’m going if I follow them?
  • Am I going to get pulled off course?
  • Does their agenda fit with me and my values?

If their agenda matches yours, it’s probably going to help you get where you want to go.


If their agenda doesn’t match yours, it will more than likely get you off course and confuse you. 

If that’s the case, what should you do?

Ignore them.

We Get To Choose What We Do, When We Do It, How We Do It, And How We React.

There is a saying I keep hearing:

“You can’t control the ideas that come into your mind through the world. But you can control the ideas you hold on to.”

In other words, we’re all responsible and in control of what we focus on.

It’s almost like a checklist:

  1. Your agenda determines the ideas you consistently hold in your mind;
  2. The ideas you consistently hold in your mind influence your feelings;
  3. Consistent feelings motivate your actions;
  4. Repeated actions develop into habits;
  5. Actions and habits generate the results of your life.

It all comes back to your agenda VS. the agenda of others.

The Takeaway

We all have an agenda.

Sometimes it is beneficial; sometimes, it does more harm than good.

All you have to do is clarify your agenda, evaluate the agendas of others, think for yourself, and then consistently hold onto the ideas that match your agenda.

My agenda is to help people just like you go from blank screen to compelling content and money-making sales copy.

If my agenda lines up with your agenda…

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