You can’t hide from this… [video]

You can’t hide from your actions, attitude or the people you associate with. The things you do or do NOT do consistently every day, and the people you hang out with are going to determine your attitude, your station in life, your accomplishments. It’s been said that your attitude determines your altitude in life. This is true on so many levels.

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  • Adventago

    Reply Reply October 20, 2020

    This is extremely true JIM I remember paul democritou staying “If you and around 5 drug addicts you will be the 6 BUT if you hang around 5 millionaires you will be the 6th ” 🙂

    The people you spend the most time with will dedicate your ideas belief and future sadly for most people it’s working against them

    This is why I spend my time educating myself online and watching your videos

    Thanks for the video Jim have a great day from your friend Adventago 🙂

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