You Gotta See It FIRST… Before You Can Make It Reality In Your Life

Let’s talk about micro-visualizations!

Last night I relearned something I’m planning on doing more of moving forward.

I had had a stressful day.

I was sitting there in a painting class with my wife. We got there late because we were meeting with somebody and it ran overtime.

Normally, when I get to painting class, I start right in slashing away with my brushes and make it happen. 

But I didn’t have as much time as usual to get it done because of getting there late.

I was really looking forward to painting a lizard in that class (yeah, a lizard).

Instead of painting right away, I sat there for a minute, and I just visualized how I would paint the picture under those circumstances, start to finish.

I probably visualized it for more than a minute!

In fact, I sat there so long my wife asked “Are you okay?”

I assured her I was because in my mind’s eye I saw myself…

Doing the background…finishing the edges…doing the back…adding his spots… and finishing it with a cool flourish.

And you know what? I actually got my painting done before anybody else!

The Lesson Here: Micro Visualization Reduces Uncertainty And Stress


I started thinking about how I’ve been doing all my work lately. I was so busy focusing on getting as much done as possible that I ended up doing almost nothing.

So, I decided to try the exact same technique that I used in my painting class.

I used my imagination to visualize:

  • What I was going to do
  • How I was going to do it
  • How things were going to unfold.

I bet you can guess what happened!

A Lot MORE Productivity With a Lot LESS Stress And Anxiety

The principle behind micro visualization is simple.

Start visualizing what you’re going to do before you start doing it.

Writing an article.

Creating a video.

Planning a webinar.

Conducting a Zoom meeting.

I’m going to start using micro visualization a lot more and track my results, stress, and productivity.


The takeaway here is that seeing it before you do it will speed up your work and reduce your stress.

Micro visualization helps you get results “in advance” in your mind.

If you want to try it, here are the steps:

  1. Rehearse what you need to do in your mind first. (It only takes a couple of minutes)
  2. Do it in the real world.
  3. Track your results (time it took, stress level, quality, etc.)

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  • Carl Alleyne

    Reply Reply April 28, 2021

    Great point Jim! I get so busy sometimes, I forget to visualize. I try and have multiple checkpoints throughout my day in general after my Pomodoro Techniques sessions. I’m getting to my visualizations multiple times..starting now!

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